YOUMARES 2019 will take place in Bremen on 24 to 27 September 2019! We are happy to be hosted by BreMarE (Bremen Marine Ecology), the marine biology research unit of the University of Bremen. Furthermore, we are glad to get organizational support from the secretary`s office of the International Coral Reef Symposium 2020 and the MARUM, the Center for Marine Environmental Sciences. Everybody is welcome to join us – no matter if you would like to present your work, a poster or just come and listen to the inspiring conference programme.

Below, you can find information on the venues:


You can reach the University of Bremen, where the icebreaker and the actual conference of YOUMARES 2019 will take place, with tramline 6 that goes to “Universität”. You will get off at the station “Universität Zentralbereich” and will find yourself in the middle of the campus at the glass hall. You can go up the stairs on the right in the glass hall or on the left and you are reaching the “Boulevard”, the connecting walkway between the most important buildings of the university.

If you take the left-side stairs in driving direction of the tram, you can reach the mensa and the icebreaker venue. If you take the stairs on the right through the glass hall, you will easily reach the conference venues, i.e., the audimax (called “Keksdose”) and the SFG-building.

If you arrive by car to the university, signs with “P” on the campus plan indicate parking lots.


Map of Uni Bremen Campus

Pictures: Universität Bremen and Simon Jungblut

Icebreaker Venue

The icebreaker of YOUMARES 2019 will take place in impressive the foyer of the Centre for Marine Environmental Research (MARUM) in Bremen and is supported by GLOMAR – Bremen International Graduate School for Marine Science.

You can reach the MARUM-building by walking to the left end of the Boulevard, past the mensa, go down the stairs and turn right. You walk past the UFT-building on your left and you will reach the MARUM-building.


Start: 24 September 2019, 6.00 pm

Pictures: Simon Jungblut


MARUM – Zentrum für Marine Umweltwissenschaften / Center for Marine Environmental Studies
Leobener Straße
28359 Bremen

Conference Venue

For the conference itself, we are happy to have the audimax of the University of Bremen (called “Keksdose” and indicated with HS on the campus plan) for the plenary events and several rooms in the nearby SFG-building. You can reach the audimax by walking to the right end of the Boulevard. For the SFG-building, go down the stairs on the right corner of the audimax-building.

Pictures: Simon Jungblut


University of Bremen