Arrival and Transport

YOUMARES 2019 will take place in the wonderful city of Bremen. It has over 550,000 inhabitants and is the bigger one of the two cities that form the federal state of Bremen. The second city is Bremerhaven with over 110,000 inhabitants. Both cities are separated by about 60 km along the river Weser as the dominating aquatic feature of both.


As a Hanseatic city, Bremen has a long history in import and export trade. Nowadays, Bremen is a city of sciences, especially marine sciences. The bigger area around Bremen is most likely the biggest place in Europe for marine research. The University of Bremen is involved in marine research and additionally, there are some institutes on the campus:

  • MARUM – Center for Marine Environmental Sciences
  • MPI – Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology
  • ZMT – Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine Research

Further institutes are also located in the city of Bremerhaven, which also belongs to the federal state of Bremen:

  • AWI – Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research
  • J. H. v. Thünen Institute of Fisheries Ecology
  • J. H. v. Thünen Institute of Sea Fisheries
  • University of Applied Sciences Bremerhaven

We are very happy to welcome you in such a marine science-related environment and we are happy to introduce some of the local institutions to you during the conference.

In the following, we would like to introduce to you how you can arrive to Bremen, how the public transport in Bremen works and where you need to go to reach the icebreaker and the conference venue.

For the general overview of Bremen, check out the interactive city map

Pictures: Pixabay and Simon Jungblut

Arrival in Bremen

You can reach Bremen by several modes of transport:

By airplane
Bremen has the Bremen Airport Hans Koschnick (code: BRE), which is quite well connected within the European flight schedules. The next bigger airports are Hamburg Airport Helmut Schmidt (code: HAM) or Hannover Airport (code: HAJ) which also connect to overseas. Reaching Bremen from Hamburg or Hannover is easiest and cheapest by regional trains.

By train
Bremen Main Station is among the 20 biggest train stations in Germany. It is part of the long distance train scheme of Deutsche Bahn as well as of the regional train scheme in northern Germany. Regarding the long distance trains, you can reach Bremen with ICE and IC trains from all over Germany.

If you arriving to Bremen from the airports and cities Hannover or Hamburg or from somewhere within the federal state of Lower Saxony, the “Niedersachsen-Ticket” (“Lower Saxony Ticket”) may be the cheapest option to travel further to Bremen. It costs: 24 Euros for the first person plus 5 Euros each for each further person (up to 5) and is also valid for the city transportation in Hamburg, Hannover, Bremen and many other cities in Lower Saxony.

By car
Even if probably not preferred, you can reach Bremen by car via the highways A1 from Hamburg and Osnabrück and via the highway A7/27 from Bremerhaven and Hannover.

Pictures: Simon Jungblut

Public transport in Bremen

Bremen is the city of trams. There are nine tramlines and dozens of bus lines all over the city. For you, tramline 6 (Airport to University and back) will be the most important one as it connects the airport with the city center, the main station, and the university, where YOUMARES 2019 and it´s icebreaker will take place.

Interactive map of the Bremen public transport


Prices for public transport:

– Single ride (valid 3 hours in one direction including line changes and breaks, available in the vehicles): 2.80 €

– Day tickets (go back and forth as much as you want, available in the vehicles):

  •     1 person: 8.00 €
  •     2 people: 10.60 €
  •     3 people: 13.20 €
  •     4 people: 15.80 €
  •     5 people: 18.40 €

– 7-day ticket (available in ticket shops): 22.80€